The king of colors. A Very Black Story. black and white ballerina painting READ MORE

22/08/2017 3,588

Since ancient times humans are distinguished by its greed. Possessing objects, people, lands and whole countries isn’t foreign to us, humans. But the desire of possessing colors? I think it’s a pretty awkward funny merit.

How to choose art for your home READ MORE

23/07/2017 4,014

For me, art to a room is like punctuation to a sentence; it is that all-important ingredient and without it a space lacks the layers and attitude that a significant piece can bring!

Freshen up with seascape paintings contemporary seascape art of boats on the beach READ MORE

22/06/2017 4,672

Sea, sand and summer breeze and that endless feeling of eternity when you look into the distance. The thoughts are floating on the streams of the seagull’s melodies. Just a few minutes more and the mind will dissolve in the calm infinity of the marine blue. Pause before a long exhale.

7 reasons to commission a painting READ MORE

20/06/2017 4,824

Commissioning art has been an ordinary practice since ancient times. Rulers showed off their power in public by means of art. They presented their wealth and tried to expand their influence. A lot of art born that way are among famous places of interest now. We wouldn’t be able to see the scale of the ancient amphitheater if at that time emperor hadn’t commissioned the Roman Coliseum.

Why these still life paintings are unique abstract painting of lilacs in blossom in contemporary style READ MORE

26/05/2017 5,160

Still life composition be it a photography, painting or drawing is something that catches the life of the ordinary objects occasionally put together. In the classical sense, the still life has a symbolic meaning and pays tribute to the moment of stillness (the word ‘still’ hints at it). In the classical sense, but not mine.