How to choose art for your home

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For me, art to a room is like punctuation to a sentence; it is that all-important ingredient and without it a space lacks the layers and attitude that a significant piece can bring!

designer Tara Bernerd


oversized contemporary painting of the abstract landscape in mountains

Mountainous Wind / 190×90/ oil on canvas /2016

And I can’t agree more. Bare walls of the most beautiful house let it look incomplete and boring. Art changes the whole feeling of the space. The right piece of art makes a powerful statement and expresses the views of the owner without words. But how do you know what the right piece of art for your home is?

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If you are not a gallery curator, artist or interior designer you’ll find it probably difficult to start the process of looking for an artwork for your wall space. The choice of art is so diverse and the offer is so rich that you might feel trapped where exactly to start.




No trends, no tips from outside people, but your views and preferences. Art choice should be always personal. It’s there to represent your way of life, your personality. Remember you will see it every day at home, so make sure this is something that you like to draw your glance to.

Art is the place for expression. Colors, compositions, textures, and content add the atmosphere you want your space to float in.

pink canvas print, a beautiful wall art print for bedroom

wall art canvas print of the original painting | Dream of the Pink Day | BUY on ETSY

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Is the size important? If you are looking for an artwork for a particular wall space – then YES, it’s very important to know the approximate size of the artwork that will fit in. Don’t trust your eyes, trust the numbers first. You can really go too large or too small if you don’t pay attention to the actual size of the wall space.

So, in order to save your time during the search process, measure the height and the width of the walls. It’s important to find it our before you start looking for art.

Ok, you have the numbers now, how would you know that size of the wall art is ok for the wall space?

There is a rule that you’ll remember. It says, choose art that is ½ – ¾ the width of the wall. If you’re choosing art to go over a piece of furniture (like a sofa or a bench) be sure, that it’s no wider than the furniture. The rule of ½ – ¾ the width is applied to the furniture space when the artwork is being placed over it. It’s also to remember that the vertically oriented pieces look best on narrower strips of the wall whereas horizontally oriented artworks shine on wider walls.

Words.. words… Pictures make it clearer 😉

how to choose the painting of right size

Obviously, the right picture is too small for that wall and seems as if the wall has swallowed it.

how to hang a painting by yuri pysar




In terms of style, your art selection doesn’t have to be dedicated to the style of the room. Go eclectic, go contrast. Often it’s better to mix up. In such a way the room won’t ever look boring or lack of character. Let’s be honest, we are sometimes afraid to add colors to space and have the home décor in neutral colors.  The walls are there to bring the particular mood and atmosphere there. So, be brave to experiment with styles.

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Giclee prints, original paintings, photos, sculptures, and rugs are feasible options for wall art. Using a different kind of media and mixing styles will tell a captivating story about you. The visual interest of the space rises and your guests will praise your unique space. When space gets its character nobody stays indifferent.

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Fallen in love with the piece? Dip for more. The process might lead you to the more art of that style. Don’t go slow, once you found something that speaks to you. Find out the information about artist, his/her values, and background. Getting to know the artist will help you to understand the context of the work.

oil painting on canvas of a female ballet dancer contemporary art

Dance of Winter Sunrise / 150×150 / oil on canvas / 2017

Let me speak on behalf of artists – we love being contacted by the people interested in art. I sometimes get requests for providing the whole story about the painting – why it became as it became, what was my intention of creating it, what inspired me… I feel the connection with the art admirer then and sometimes it leads to interesting talks and visits, which are awesome.

abstract painting of oil flowers on canvas is original contemporary art

Дихання піонів

картина маслом натюрморт живопис з квітами олійна техніка

Коли сміються квіти















To sum up, it might be time-consuming to choose art if you aren’t familiar with this practice.

But if you use these tips, nothing can go wrong. Choose art you love and which evokes feelings and pleasant emotions. Pay attention to the size of the wall. Remember – the ideal proportion of art – wall relationship lies in ½ – ¾ width of the wall. Go eclectic, use different kinds of style. As a result, your space will sparkle its unique character.

And if you need help, I’ll be always happy to assist you with choosing the right and the most appropriate art you’d like. Just CONTACT ME. I’d love to hear from you.