A work of art with zero emotions is like a fish without gills

30/09/2017 4,473 views

A work of art which didn’t begin in emotions ins’t art.

Paul Cezanne


In my art, everything is based on emotions. The artist should give birth to emotions in order to lay them on canvas. It’s not possible to imitate them artificially, but only to play by rules. I feel it pretty clearly when the painting doesn’t possess the truth. Every brushstroke should make sense and not only formally tell the story. Rythm of line, particular harmonies of color tend to arouse this or that set of feelings. The process of the art examing depends more on viewer’s experience than on artist’s one. That what we know or we believe, determines how we see the world around us.

“A painting is not about experience, it’s an experience” (Mark Rothko)

Rythm of line and color are the elements of composition I value the most. The harmonious relationships between them are important. Whereas it’s possible to work on the rhythm of line in the studio, I need to go plein air painting to find the balanced relationships between colors, to see the new tones in order to bring them on canvas. The color is taken from life, is later applied on canvas and comes again to life. My circle.

Would you guess now why I go to plein air painting, that is – go outside to paint?


If you look at these two paintings below, you’ll probably know the answer. They are definitely different. You see it on the spot. The ballerina painting and landscape artwork have nothing in common at first sight. But if you pay attention to colors, you’ll see that they are very much alike.

large format painting of ballerina in oil on canvas

Dance of the Winter Evening | BUY on ETSY

oil painting of beautiful winter landscape by sunset

Pink Celebration. Winter | BUY on ETSY














On that beautiful and cold day, I created a few

Winter paintings 

There is only one I used to enrich the Ballet Series 2017. There appeared several large oil paintings of an elegant ballet dancer in a tutu skirt.


oil painting on canvas of a female ballet dancer contemporary art

Dance of Winter Sunrise | 80x80cm  BUY on ETSY

Her gestures are the same, but feelings are different. They manifest themselves in blobs of applied colors.

This lady wears the winter sunrise and winter sunset. Polar feelings, opposite moods.

картина маслом живопис балерина фігуратив

Dance of Winter Sky | BUY on ETSY

As you might know Ballet Series  has been the main project for me since 2010. The work on it is complex. There is no ballerina painting without a plein air stay or live painting of still life compositions. And that’s what I really like – bringing the meaning for the painting process as a whole. There is no minute I spent working on the canvas that isn’t important for the future work. The brushstrokes of one painting are bound to others, past, present, and future.