One day of winter

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It was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade 

Charles Dickens

original oil painting of mountains in winter

Winter highlands | Зимові височини

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D0 you know the feeling when you have to get out of the car and just breathe in the scenery that opens in front of your eyes? I was driving back home from my parents’ place. The cheerful and deep voice of Ray Charles was my only companion when I suddenly saw the turn that offered nothing special at first sight. I stopped. I was standing a few minutes, letting the silent but cold wind hug my bones and share its limitless freedom. There was nobody on the street except for lonely cars slowly passing by. Nature was in the state of the winter awakening. The transparent light dressed the mountains into the mysterious cloth and I knew – it’s a perfect time to take out the canvas and paints.


If you looked into my luggage space, there is one thing you’d surely notice – a big box covered with some colorful brushstrokes. No, it wasn’t my intention to have it dirty 😉 Yes, I call it dirty and you’d probably call it cool (like my friends do) The box with paints and canvases. No matter where I go, how long or short my trip is going to be, the box with artist necessities is always there. My modern easel. My friend.


‘Good morning. Aren’t you cold?’ – the granny asked me, who carefully held a plastic bag in her hands. I was lost for a couple of seconds because I seldom notice people when I’m painting. Her woolen gloves were self-made and I unintentionally remembered my grandmother who was also so fond of small talks. And I got warm from my memories. As much as I enjoy silence, while painting, I enjoyed everyone who spoke to me on that day. People in the village aren’t ‘spoiled’ with the city manners. They are open and sincere, they don’t think whether they are disturbing.. ‘God may help you’, ‘God bless you’! I heard it often on that day and I felt so thankful.

original landscape painting plein air art of mountains and village

Winter Sunrise | Зимовий схід сонця

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The morning light calmly disappeared. The sunshine covered the earth and gently touched the skin on my face. I closed the eyes for a while and felt the purest state of my mind, when only gratitude and harmony are inside. The sun changed the scene. The mountains got new colors, the sunshine highlighted the picks of snow..the winter celebrates itself! How awesome.

‘Are you painting Hoverla and Petros’ – a small boy asked me. ‘This is our best view here. We take tourists here and they shoot many photos with the mountains in the background’. Hoverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine and one of the best known and best visited mountainous attractions. The boy felt proud of their view to land on my canvas and I found his love for the village and its sceneries so sweet.

картина маслом зимовий пейзаж карпати

Hoverla and Petros. Afternoom | Говерла і Петрос. Обід

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The time flied quickly. The warm pink appeared on the white snow. The glamorous dance of winter and sun in the Carpathian mountains emphasized the beauty of nature and joy of this uncommon day in the small village of Lazeshchyna.

oil painting of beautiful winter landscape by sunset

Pink Celebration. Winter | Рожева феєрія. Зима

As a result my collection of winter landscape got a bit richer. 🙂

I cherished winter enough, I suppose, time for the spring to step in!

Weekend harvest

Weekend harvest