The small six! Ensemble of florals

09/09/2017 3,619 views

When your plans are changed by the weather, just accept this fact and you’ll find out that your plans get just another scenario.

How many times we hear everything happens for our own benefit? How many times we actually listens to it? ZERO!

When the full easel was already on my shoulder and I was about to start a mountainous trip in order to catch calm early autumn colors on canvas, it started raining heavily. Probably God has a better scenario for me – flashed through my mind. I took away the heavy easel, threw a light melancholic look at the plants that my mother carefully placed on the outer ladder and closed my eyes for a moment. The image of the bright dots in the dark background stayed in my mind. These dots were chasing each other, moving in front of my closed eyes like the sun rays on the sea. When I opened my eyes, I knew, these plants were eager to show me new hues, new shades of green, new combination and I started investigating them.

If you are familiar with my art, you probably noticed that I like to work with color. I like searching and finding the new tasty combinations which are capable of revealing the story and creating a sparkle inside of you as a viewer.

The ensemble of small six paintings greeted me today in the studio. Great view! And I wish they were adopted together for their new family to feel the impact they bring together.

These paintings feature rich colors and compelling textures. They will make your space really sing. Feel free to contact me.

Nr.6 from the Series ‘ Mother’s Florals”

Nr.5 from the Series ‘ Mother’s Florals”

Nr.4 from the Series ‘ Mother’s Florals”

Nr.3 from the Series ‘ Mother’s Florals”

Nr.2 from the Series ‘ Mother’s Florals”

Nr.1 from the Series ‘ Mother’s Florals”