Why these still life paintings are unique

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Still life composition be it a photography, painting or drawing is something that catches the life of the ordinary objects occasionally put together. In the classical sense, the still life has a symbolic meaning and pays tribute to the moment of stillness (the word ‘still’ hints at it). In the classical sense, but not mine.

The still life painting knows a long history. It goes without saying that during its quite long existence from the ancient times till now the depiction of objects underwent many changes, the purpose changed, the intention changed, the artist changed.

Although ranked as a least important painting genre this art form gained its recognition in the 17th century. Due to the Dutch masters, the still life got as popular as it only could be back then. They put Holland on the map of art as the country that set the still life as an independent form of painting, thus encouraging the future experiments that at the end lead to the new art movement – cubism. No one looked at the still life painting as less important anymore, quite the opposite – the still life was raised to a respected form of art.

Flowers, fruits, prey, skulls, on the one hand, musical instruments, books and wine on the other hand – were the symbols of the same life extreme. It should remind people that life is short. So, it’s better to get fun and enjoy it, reveal the violin and wine. Because we all end up like flowers in a vase – fading.

abstract painting of lilacs in blossom in contemporary style

Lilacs in Silver | Бузок в срібному


Still life has already in its term the hint at the lifeless objects (that stand still and don’t move). And it’s a treasure for the artist to study the colors, forms, and light. Nobody says a still life painting has to have symbolism in it. Cezanne proved it long ago, that a still life piece could live just for the sake of art itself. Shapes, colors, and perspective were those criteria that moved the genius master and lead his experiments. Light, colors, and movement are those that I study and experiment with.



original oil painting of flowers in abstract style

Lilac Meditation | Бузкова медитація

картина натюрморт с цветами в вазе сирень

Lilacs | Бузок










oil flower painting contemporary artwork of floral composition

Spring Poesy | Весняна поезія

For the art’s sake

I mostly use the compositions with flowers for my still life paintings. I like the game of light on the vase, that comes from colored lamps I frequently change. In such a way I manipulate the color tones and one and the same composition gets a quite different touch. New juicy color combinations emerge then. Colors also define the intensity of movement that the brushstroke expresses. So-called still life gets a dynamic character when the flowers aren’t standing still anymore, but are moving under the influence of the invisible wind.


How kitschy non-kitschy Dior might sound, I completely relate to courtier’s statement. Flowers are woman’s small sisters that bring our best halves much joy. Well, let’s be honest, there are also many men who do enjoy flowers, and this is great. I don’t know whether my art was ever given to a man as a gift, but I remember many cases when my floral paintings made a nice gift to ladies or families (without emphasizing on gender).


Still life collection 2010-2017

Non-fading away beauty

Ordinary flowers are fading away. But not these on canvas. They preserve the charming beauty and vivid energy of the moment that you might share with your beloved people.

contemporary oil painting of lilacs blossom in spring

Floral Dream | Лілова мрія

картина квіти натюрморт букет з бузком

Purple Fragrance | Фіолетовий аромат


These still life paintings are somewhere in between the deeply interpreted floral paintings and the mesmerizing color field artworks. They will bring a splash of contemporary color and charm into space. If harmony and love are the merits that are worshiped in your home, these bold paintings are something that would make them sound deeper. They will emphasize your personalities and express more than that stays on surface.


натюрморт з квітами сучасний живопис

Kaleidoscope | Калейдоскоп

contemporary still life painting of lilacs in oil on canvas

Lilacs II | Бузок II

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