Springtime – pink time

31/05/2016 4,765 views

The fresh and monotone green is everywhere. The tree blossom has gone. The spring has already given the wheel to the most loved season of the year. The last day of the warm May is grey and rainy. The sun took some rest as it is aware of its responsibility for the upcoming summer months. We, humans, are very dependable on the weather. Sunny days bring more smiles. Those, who refuse the fact that grey days mostly dress people in grey faces are the rare exceptions. And you know what? I’m among them 🙂

Today’s weather is cool. My mind gets quite atmospheric today. The sound of the saxaphone that passionately goes up in my studio describes my mood best. Silent. Calm. A bit playful. Something “spoils” ( influences ) it in a “wrong” way. I see . The reason is the joyful spring painting collection that is in front of me. The fresh landscape paintings are waiting to get their stable place in my studio before they have found the home they will be loved in.

I’m not greedy, I’m sharing the joyful spirit of the leaving spring with you 🙂

landscape oil painting of pink cherry blossom in rakhiv, sakura trees

Couple| Пара


The beautiful sakura painting depicts the charming cherry blossom which is the spring queen of the small town Rakhiv, where I was born. Here you can see more 🙂

картина пейзаж весна в Івано-Франківську, дерево в цвітінні

Wind and Royal Pink | Вітер і королівський розовий


I couldn’t walk by this amazing sophisticated burgundy tree in Ivano-Frankivsk – the city I live in now. I noticed several of them here, although I don’t know their name. I got the chance to catch the one that is in the city centre near my favourite cafe 🙂 Drinking coffee and painting goes hand in hand, don’t you think? “Wow” – I heard the children saying before I switched on the headphone and switched off the sound of the life around me.

oversized contemporary painting of the abstract landscape in mountains

Ray| Промінь

Looking at the scenery I depicted here, I feel that every next second I could start the flight over the area in the mountains and experience the top view of it. This bold oversized painting is going to bring some juicy touch to the stylish minimalist apartment. Hope it will be loved at its new home.

сакури в Рахові картина пейзаж з деревами

Shadow of the Spring | Тінь весни


Cherry blossom again. I just love them. There were many people walking around and commenting when I was painting this sakura painting. I knew that it would be annoying (believe me it was), but it didn’t stop me from standing in the centre of the town and paint.

contemporary oil painting of a spring landscape

After the Rain| Після дощу

Due to the sun, the city was in a quite playful mood after the strong but short rain in April. The evening light in combination with the floral scent of nature were irresistible.

oversized painting of a spring landscape in oil on canvas by yuri pysar

Spring | Весна