7 reasons to commission a painting

20/06/2017 4,833 views

Commissioning art has been an ordinary practice since ancient times. Rulers showed off their power in public by means of art. They presented their wealth and tried to expand their influence. A lot of art born that way are among famous places of interest now. We wouldn’t be able to see the scale of the ancient amphitheater if at that time emperor hadn’t commissioned the Roman Coliseum. Till nowadays it gathers crowds of people from all over the world to admire its greatness and uniqueness. Or how much we, art lovers, would miss the masterpieces like “Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli or ‘David’ by Michelangelo to name a few if the influential Florentine Medici family hadn’t had such a strong interest in art and hadn’t commissioned them? Well, let’s see it clearly, there wasn’t any Florence heritage or lots of Rennaisance pearls at all.

Only a few centuries ago the influential people had this privilege – to commission an art piece. Today we all can ask for a commission piece. And here are 7 reasons to give it a try.

1.The living room in a new house demands a new statement piece.

It’s normal that you have a different interior situation if you moved. You just settle in, everything is nice and beautiful, and you notice that your wall is too naked.

The thought of ‘dressing’ it would bother you as long as you, at last, have something on it. Remember that the focal art piece also will add a unique atmosphere to your space.

2. A gift to someone special

Art can make a fascinating gift. Especially it’s great if you know the style and way of living of a person you would present art with. Art is awesome gift idea if you can say, you say the person pretty enough to know what he/she will love.

Commissioned painting – Couple / 160x120cm / oil on canvas / 2017




3. You’d like to enrich your art collection

You want to add some new piece to your art collection that should shape the style of it. The work of a particular artist, you admire can bring some freshness to it and gives it a new touch.

Commissioned painting / Swan Wings II / 100x100cm / acrylic on canvas / 2017

4. You can get exactly what you want

How often we are out of luck when we’re looking for something special? Well, I often am. Looking for a minimalistic watch for my wife I was sure she would love was tiresome. Half a year I have been browsing for it, opening and closing pages till I hit it. It might be the same with art. If you have a special room and need a particular format of the painting, it’s not an easy task to win this game of ‘match’ attempts. Commissioning a painting allows you to get an artwork that matches your style, your mood and your way of living.

Commissioned painting / Silver Dance / 180x110cm / acrylic on canvas / 2016


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5. Actively partake in the creative process

Isn’t it your vision that moves the artful brushes? You are the inspiration. You choose the colors and a subject. Can you imagine it? You are a co-artist.  That is your feeling that the artist masterly embodies on canvas. It’s really interesting to see how the idea becomes a tangible piece of art.

6. It gets more meaning than any other art

Why that, you might thing. I hadn’t come to it either if my art admirers who commissioned a painting from me wouldn’t mention it afterward. They are proud to show off their personalized art to their friends and families. They feel a special connection with it, as their piece appeared due to them and their inspiration.

Silver Gold / 200x150cm / acrylic on canvas / 2016


7. Tribute to your personality

This is not a secret, that art expresses your personality. It reveals your personality by means of the image. Art can actually bring you closer to people who never met you in person or would never have a chance to see you (with this I mean your future generation). Once I got an order for a landscape painting. The interesting and quite unexpected thing was that my art admirer wanted me also to write a behind story of the painting. When I wondered why he needed that the answer surprised me – ‘I want my children have it one day and percept it just like I did’. 

If you have one of those reasons to get a new painting, you should think about commissioning a painting from the artist, the style of whom you really admire.

If you like my art if it speaks to you, why not let it be me? Just contact me. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.