Why art makes the best gift

14/11/2016 3,616 views

The decorations of the shops and plenty of sweets on the shelves reveal the one: Christmas is coming. And it means – we all are getting busy with gifts ideas for our lovely family and friends.

I’m thinking, is there any gift that can last the lifetime? Is there any gift that will remind about wonderful time you spent together? The gift that will preserve the connection between you and the one you’re giving it to? Yes, there are such kinds of gifts and art is among them.

Special and awesome! That’s how you often address your beloved ones and valuable friends in head. The supportive and nice colleagues are often on that list too . While being “special and awesome”, they make you think over and over again what to present them with? The list of potential presents may end without being even started. And you may feel confused, how you can express what these amazing people mean to you indeed.

extra large painting of a woman dancing in rain by Yuri Pysar, ballet collection

Dancing in the Blue Rain | Танець під синій дощ

Here is the answer – ART ART ART!

1. Think, what makes your special people unique.

Maybe she /he likes flowers and is an absolute fan of gardening? The floral paintings will be then a great gift for your special person. Or your friend enjoys the outdoor life, hiking tours, mountains and just love nature. Then a landscape painting in modern, contemporary or abstract style will be a great delight.

сучасний живопис картина абстрактний натюрморт в сірому

Transcendent Grey | Трансендентність сірого

red and violet floral painting on canvas

Wings 2 | Крила 2

contemporary abstract painting in red, pink, yellow and grey

Summer Mood of the Rain| Літній настрій дощу

2. Think about their house.

How is it decorated? What style do they live in? Do they like minimalistic approach in home decorating? Or maybe they prefer the eclectic surroundings in bright colors. Think of the colors that they have at home and use it as a hint to the perfect match.

large painting of an abstract dancer in acrylic

Gold Silver | Золотий срібний

contemporary painting of a woman figure on canvas

Piece of Sky | Клаптик неба

3. Think about their office.

Art at the working place can inspire and open new understandings. It can bring people closer, connect and open unexpected perspectives and views. And even more. Art can be a catalyst of the birth of happy relationships. I know, my art is often involved in beautiful stories. 🙂

original watercolor of flowers

Morning Whim

contemporary art of ballet dancer in golden red colors

Golden Light|Золоте світло

4. Art knows no age.

Either the young or mature people, the gift of art is appropriate for people of any age.

oil landscape art canvas of a sunny day nature carpathian mountains

Inviting Light| Запрошуюче світло

5. Art is a luxury that mostly has a quite reasonable price.

In my Etsy gallery, you may find affordable originals. The limited edition giclee prints of a great quality start way under 100USD. I often refresh them with paints and then get feedback like this:

I received what was expected to be a print today and found to my delight it’s a recreation of the original painting!
Thank you very much. We love it very much.

(James from Wellesley Hills)

кафе говорить івано-франківськ

Etude. Pleasant Talks| Етюди. Приємні розмови

6. Small means much impact.

Small paintings are great because they always find its place at home, be it on the wall, or on the shelf. Both original paintings and giclee prints in small format don’t take much space. But they bring the captivating touch and refresh the entire look of the room.

full female body painting

White| Білий

Blessing| Благословіння

Blessing| Благословіння












My gallery is rich in originals and giclee prints from landscape collection, ballet series, still life and nude art, but if you happen not to find the artwork that you think will suit your dearest best, there is still enough time for the commission painting. Imagine, the painting will be created exactly for the person you’d like gifting. One of a kind piece for one of  kind person. Perfect match.