If you love me – love my art. How to choose art

26/06/2017 5,352 views

Do you believe media that are non-stop informing us, readers, this or that art is important, powerful, or captures the zeitgeist or breaks all the rules and sets new limits, etc.?

All the time? Why do you believe them? Probably you are afraid that you are lack of knowledge about art. You don’t have a specialized skill for appreciation of art, so let’s forget about it at all. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not the only one who experiences it.

Let’s figure out how we can trust our eyes and feelings again.

I’m not afraid to say: Art should make you feel happy! It should move you and bring life-affirming experience. It’s not fear or insecurity, pain or suffering that art should bring to your life.

Obviously, it is important to find out what art you actually like. The best thing is, of course, to look at art as often as it’s possible. Be it a landscape painting or a still life artwork, you will figure out what resonates in your mind. Learning by doing? Exactly and ‘doing’ refers to the action ‘see’. We’ll get the sense of articulating what we feel, what impression the art piece leaves on us.

Visit the exhibitions that are on display in galleries. If you live in small town and there is no possibility to go to the gallery, you probably have some books with reproductions. How awesome you can spend the time with an art book in your hands sipping delicious coffee and slowly turning pages and devote your attention to images. The major museums and galleries digitalized their collections and let us peek into them lying cozy on the couch.

Visit Metropolitan Museum of Art  . Their digital collection is breathtaking.

If you don’t believe yourself, you’ll believe someone who knows nothing about you.

The legendary British art critic Edward Lucie-Smith confesses in one of his interviews, that there are no any criteria that make it possible to appreciate the artwork. The art criticism nowadays shows the tendency ‘believe me, it’s good’. Stop. Do I want to say we are getting manipulated? Exactly. We take all the information for granted, although art is too personal and have too much impact on us to be chosen ‘blindly’.

Trust yourself, trust your instincts.

There is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ piece of art. There is only ART. And exactly you decide whether it is something you are bound to.

No art critics, no curators, bloggers, artists or gallery owners know it. You are the one and only who knows whether the painting is working for you. Does it make you feel something? Does it stick with you?

I have a story dealing with it. The art admirer contacted me two years ago for the first time. He let me know he loved my painting but his funds were limited back then. He never forgot the work he saw in my gallery online and came back two years later!! Can you imagine how strong the painting resonated with him that he came back after two years of silence? It was great that particular artwork was still available and he was extremely happy to see it at his home at last.

Fact: Art that resonates with you inspire you and open new discussions. It’s something that chases you all the time and can bring you new perspectives and new visions.

Listen to your inner voice and just be your own tastemaker.

oil painting on canvas of a female ballet dancer contemporary art

Dance of Winter Sunrise / 80x80cm / oil on canvas/ 2017 /