Freshen up with seascape paintings

22/06/2017 4,672 views

Sea, sand and summer breeze and that endless feeling of eternity when you look into the distance. The thoughts are floating on the streams of the seagull’s melodies. Just a few minutes more and the mind will dissolve in the calm infinity of the marine blue. Pause before a long exhale.

sea painting

Lilac Calm|Бузковий спокій

I open the eyes and see my studio. I’m there. The place I call home. In front of me, there are a few seascape paintings I’ve taken out of the racks this morning. Created with oil on canvas they still have that slight smell of the paint. The painting with seaside scenes spread the peaceful and meditative feeling. They are able to bring the mind back there, where the sound of the wave is the best breakfast. Sea, sand and summer breeze.

beach painting of rocks

Stones of Waves|Каміння хвиль

A broad sweep of fair yellow applied against the pale blue canvas points at the sailboats, the real sea wolves. The layering technique I use adds a depth and unique perspectives to the seascape paintings. Dynamics of the brushstrokes I laid around the calm and smooth sea brings an interesting twist to the scene and sets a perfect balanced relation between the movement and static.

oil painting of boats, sea

Sea Wolves| Морські вовки

Balance. The ultimate goal. Isn’t it what we are all looking for to make the life more harmonious and happier? The pursuit of harmony is a subtle theme of my creative practice. In all my paintings, it’s explicitly stated through the use of composition, color, and form. Least but not last is the energy I create it with, thoughts I put into it.

морський пейзаж картина моря

Seascape Mood| Морський настрій

I concentrate on the beauty of life, and its value. My art doesn’t reveal the problems of the modern society. But it tries to solve them in its sensitive way – develop and increase the sense of the harmonious relationship between yourself and the Universe.


Discover the collection of seascape paintings and enjoy the emotions they will arouse.

marine painting in oil

Sudak. Sea a the fortress| Судак. Море біля фортеці

картина пейзаж моря, Крим мис Мартьян

Cape Martyan| Мис Мартьян

sea painting of boat

Guards of the Sea|Вартові моря

sea painting with the rocks on the beach

Martyan Cape| Мис Мартьян

dark blue painting of a sea by night

Light Night. Novyj Svit 2| Світла ніч. Новий світ 2

contemporary seascape art of boats on the beach

Fresh Wind| Свіжий вітер

sea oil painting of evening at sea

Sunset| Захід сонця

oil sea art on canvas

Sunset Yalta 2| Захід сонця. Ялта 2

картина маслом морський пейзаж Хорватії,

Makarska Harbour | Гавань в Макарска

makarska painting in oil on canvas, beautiful seaside view in Markarska, Croatia

Makarska Siesta | Макарська сієста

large sea painting of a beautiful marine mountains in cremia, yalta

Marine mood| Морской настрой

oil paintings of biakovo mountains by sunset, Makarska


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