Watercolor or Bearable Easiness of Life

03/05/2017 3,906 views

original floral painting in watercolor technique

Poem of Flowers

original watercolor of flowers

Morning Whim

It all began with watercolour

Being a student I was fond of watercolour. It was my main medium in fine art. I liked the way the water and paint interacted together floating on the blank paper. A simple technique you might think. But is it so?

The particular dance of water and paint. The first step they reached when you let them. What will happen further is purely their thing. Let them do their job, don’t interfere or try to stop their natural walk. You might think you made a mistake by letting them leave the way you did. Could be. But even with your wrong choice, the water and paints reach their goal of purest easiness.  The watercolor becomes ‘tired of life’ when we don’t accept its ‘drawbacks’ and tries to rule the game.

Watercolour without Performance is like a Fish on a Tree

How high the artist’s mastery of the watercolour technique reveals the painting itself. We have only one chance to reach the goal. There are no dozens of shots like in a film, everything takes place live. It’s a real performance of a paint.

картина натюрморт с цветами в вазе сирень

Lilacs | Бузок


Still life oil painting wearing the watercolour charm

I seldom work on watercolors nowadays. But I do remember what it taught me – the ability to stop, the courage to let it go. Because there is nothing worse than a reworked painting. It’s much easier to write about it than practice it. We all sacrificed hundreds of hours till we become a master. The same was also here.  Hearing the painting. Disability to stop is a typical illness of an artist. Thanks God, it’s curable.

The easiness persecutes me (in a good sense, of course). Be it in real life or in a painting, I appreciate it.

These days we probably all sing the ode to spring. In my case, it’s in my new still life paintings with flowers that so profusely bloom in my studio.

contemporary art of flowers is abstract artwork on canvas

Flowers and Third Part




contemporary still life painting of lilacs in oil on canvas

Lilacs II