One day of winter картина маслом зимовий пейзаж карпати READ MORE

20/02/2017 6,217

It was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade 

Shall we dance? картини балет живопис, художник Юрій Писар READ MORE

01/12/2016 2,168

My calendar went crazy today. It copied the task from exactly this day one year ago. As a good friend of mine, it started to remind me of what I should do (one year ago :)).

Giclee Print. What is it? giclee print on canvas of painting READ MORE

22/11/2016 3,758

Although “giclee prints” entered the market long ago, there are still questions “Giclee? What is it?” Let’s clear it up.

Why art makes the best gift extra large painting of a woman dancing in rain by Yuri Pysar, ballet collection READ MORE

14/11/2016 3,654

The decorations of the shops and plenty of sweets on the shelves reveal the one: Christmas is coming. And it means – we all are getting busy with gifts ideas for our lovely family and friends.

I’m thinking, is there any gift that can last the lifetime? Is there any gift that will remind about wonderful time you spent together? The gift that will preserve the connection between you and the one you’re giving it to?