Shall we dance?

01/12/2016 2,125 views

My calendar went crazy today. It copied the task from exactly this day one year ago. As a good friend of mine, it started to remind me of what I should do (one year ago :)).

acrylic paintings of ballerina by Yuri Pysar

This confusion brought to my mind the project I was busy with just a year ago. Due to the extreme lack of time last December, I never talked about it, but I think it deserves to be shown.

The renowned ballroom hall in the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago needed new art. I’m glad that my ballerinas were chosen to please the guests there.

My task was to deliver the giclee prints framed. The desired frames were nowhere to find. The thickness of the wood, the right profile and the exact hue of white. “No way. We are sorry” – I heard in frame shops. But what about carpenters. They would definitely help. The reality surprised me. All my known carpenters weren’t ready to work on this order. Too much, too large, too difficult. Till I found the one that said: “I don’t know how to do them right now, but I’ll find it out.” Just the way I like it.

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It was pretty funny how we all, the DHL couriers and my friends carried those extra heavy pieces to the lorry )) DHLs seemed to suffer from art 🙂

yuri pysar artist

The final steps before wrapping them up.


And the final installation of the paintings.

yuri pysar paintings in chicago renaissance hotel