Echo from the Past. Wintertime

11/01/2017 4,273 views

When we all get used to the mild winter, the real one, freezing and snowy just stepped in and said, “I’m back”.


The 2017 surprises from the very beginning, it brought the snowy orthodox Christmas. And there is no a better present for Christmas than a great snowy scene outside. -15 but sunny. The snow squeaks under the boots and I feel happy that the authentic melody of winter is back. Staying at home or going outside and enjoy? I’m sure you know the answer 🙂 Moreover, I went for a walk not alone, but with my faithful friend – easel.

Moreover, I went for a walk not alone, but with my faithful friend – easel. Although oil paints get firm, but they don’t freeze completely. The fresh, energetic brushstrokes fly across the canvas. The silence of the winter scene breaks the sharp and quick movement of my hand that furiously mix the colors with each other in order to reach exactly the hue I want.

Painting and looking at the distant mountains is fun.



Our beautiful small town surrounded by mountains look like a child armed by the caring mom.

original-landscape-painting-carpathian-mountains rakhiv-winter-carpathian-mountains plein-air-carpathian-mountains

When I come back from my native small Rakhiv to Ivano-Frankivsk and bring some new paintings into my studio and know for sure – the time spending outside of the studio was worthy. Yes, I could have created more, but nevertheless, with all the Christmas celebrations I’m satisfied with the amount of work I did.

winter-tree-lights-painting trees-painting-oil-canvas