Way to man’s heart

30/04/2017 2,882 views

Art knows no borders. As love knows no distance. Art is subjective. As love is a very personal thing.
I think it’s not easy to get the real feeling of an artwork on the internet. When a 2-meter square painting just fits the display of your iPhone, how good you can see the details that might be essential for the perception of the painting? I guess if the artwork speaks to you via a digital image, it will even impress you more in real.

I ordered a few paintings online myself, and know what you feel when the heavy box comes your way.
Seeing the finished painting is one thing, but commission a non-existing painting? How about that?

If I take a commission, I should know I’m free in my expression. Like a jazz musician who never plays his own composition the same. No matter how often he is going to play it, there is always a unique way of presenting it to the public. Why is it so, you might think… Simple. Jazz is a music of free people, so the jazzman tries to stay free and improvisate no matter what.

I suppose every artist feels when the art admirer trusts him and believes in the ability to create a unique painting coloured by the spiritual image of the art admirer expressed by the visual language that resonates with the collector. It’s a pleasure to work on a painting for a person you feel a certain, connection via art. The work on a commissioned painting is a pure inspiration if there is no third part that interferes you ideal relationships with paints and canvas.

And at the end, you hear “Thank you for making our lives more beautiful!”

This ballerina painting managed to make a nice present and touch the heart whom it was devoted to. And I think once again how lucky I am that my art finds people who are open enough to hear the tender melody of the beauty.

original ballet painting in grey

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The artwork got a central place in the beautiful Australian’s home. And the faithful Australian family got a special place in my heart. Thank you for your support of my art and ability to feel.