Greenery and landscape paintings

31/03/2017 3,658 views

The spring has loudly proclaimed its era. Every day nature shows the evidence of its awaken state. Greenery time is coming. The colour that symbolises new beginnings, hope and vitality, brings so much lushness to the everyday scene that it’s impossible to underestimate its effect on us.

Refreshing green that is seen every day more and more, influences my choice of getting to the studio earlier as usual. Besides, I enjoy the walks there and my car enjoys the rest time. I haven’t caught the flourishing spring in the landscape painting yet, but I’ll still have time for it (hopefully).

The previous springs were pretty generous, why should this be different? 😉

The favourite time for fresh landscape paintings

April is there and it’s my favourite time to paint the trees. Greenery isn’t boring when it first appears. The different shades of green are fun to work with and I do enjoy laying the brushstrokes of greenery on canvas. The landscape paintings that contain

“Above all, keep your colours fresh” gives modest Manet a piece of advice to his colleagues. Well, easily, if you are getting inspired by the greenery of spring.

Hues of the spring are gorgeous. Deep green, lime green, light green, yellow-green – the colour palette is endless to depict the rebirth of life. And these landscape paintings that I created with oil on canvas last spring are exactly about life-affirming and passion for enjoying the beautiful freshness of vitality that is symbolised by a portion of the bright green.

contemporary landscape painting of spring apple trees in blossom

Apple Bloom | Яблуневий Цвіт

картина пейзаж весна в Івано-Франківську, дерево в цвітінні

Wind and Royal Pink | Вітер і королівський розовий

oversized painting of a spring landscape in oil on canvas by yuri pysar

Spring | Весна

beautiful landscape artwork of a spring scene

Summer Flashback | Спогад літа

beautiful painting of lilacs in blossom

Lilacs | Бузок

bright lilacs painting in a stylish glass vase on canvas

Transparent Bloom|Прозорий цвіт

green, lilac painting of lilacs in blossoming

Spring Ray| Весняний промінь

large green yellow artwork on canvas

Warm and Cold|Тепло і холод

modern floral artwork in oil on canvas

Green Accents of the Flute |Зелені акценти флейти

Almost all these landscape paintings are available for bringing the joyful freshness into your place. The real spring lover definitely needs beautiful flourishing atmosphere at home.