Why starting a few paintings at the same time

18/11/2016 2,723 views

– How is it possible that you work on different paintings at the same time? – asked a guest in my studio once seeing how my brushes move from one painting to the other.  

Well, it’s not strange for me at all. Remember how it is in the literature? When the writer makes up a story, she/he works on different characters at the same time. The description of each single character and their interaction with each other is necessary. Their dialogues and author’s observations of the frame of the scene make it possible for the writer to reveal the story. You get the taste of it. Light shines brightly only when the darkness is present. Bringing into play different emotions, the author gets the possibility to differentiate them. In such a way, the writer observes the whole from the certain distant and with the more or less sober look.

The same is in my art – I create the dialogue between a few paintings on which I work at the same time. Warm and cold, restraint and openness – these two oversized artworks are opposites. True to the old saying “Opposites attract”, I build them exactly this way.

Although using acrylic paints for them, the technique of laying down the paint differs. The “pouring rain”of the abstract ballerina painting in red “Red Firebird” (200×150 cm) and “a splashing drop” of the figurative painting “Dancing in the Blue Rain” (200x150cm) have almost nothing in common.


I fell for deep red in the oversized acrylic painting  “Red Firebird”. Passionate and tempting!


And recover from the heat in cold November hues. My personal North light! detail-ballerina-painting

extra large painting of a woman dancing in rain by Yuri Pysar, ballet collection

Dancing in the Blue Rain | Танець під синій дощ