Pouring Rain

16/01/2016 2,254 views

Drops of the rain on canvas. I remember how first painting of this technique was born. These were the sufferings of the creative mind, I was painting non-stop, I was looking for connections between acrylic and my own world. That was the time when I felt, acrylic is powerful, I just have to find my path to it. And I did.

red contemporary ballerina painting, ballet dancer on canvas in acrylic

Prima in Red | Прима в червоному AVAILABLE 

Looking back to those days, I get back to that particular state my mind was in. I was fed up and I wanted to open some new pages of my  expression on canvas. On one of those days the first ballerina painting appeared. Much time has left since then, and I’m looking for new expressions of my feelings and perception of the Universe again. However painting by means of acrylic in that let’s name it “pouring rain” technique still brings joy, tension, and dynamics into the thoughts. The feeling of colors and their interaction with each other is improving by means of practicing.

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This painting is one of my favorite ones exactly because of the color interaction in it. Unfortunately, the photograph of this ballerina painting doesn’t do it any justice, no matter how long I tried to get the exact colors of the painting and the effect they bring together. In real the background colors twinkle and by means of the colors that I used for the foreground the whole painting turns into a playground of dancing colors that are constantly moving and twinkling. Although the colors of foreground and background are in a great interaction with each other, they are absolutely self-contained themselves. It seems like both foreground and the background live their own story and only the dancer’s shadow unites them.

But as a whole, the painting reveals emotion, and it’s not about which one I put into it, but which one it evokes in you.  Because as my favorite Mark Rothko’s said

“A painting isn’t a picture of the experience, it’s the experience”.