Falling for color – Red in play

11/11/2016 2,977 views


If November asked to name it differently, it would probably get its well-deserved GREY! 

I love gray and I notice lots of its hues outside. These oil and acrylic paintings probably would cover the November colors best, but my studio sinks in a completely different mood right now – HEAT and PASSION. It happens often that my studio spirit doesn’t follow that from outside. Yes, artists are weird.

The so-called “pouring rain technique in acrylic” that I often use for my abstract paintings from Ballet Series  proved to be the most appropriate for showing off the joy that comes suddenly, hugging you with drops of pleasant moments. I’m for the art that builds up the bridges for the better understanding of yourself, for finding in human new meaningful corners. The result of the creative process builds on the personal experience of the artist and it doesn’t matter how indifferent you would like to stay and stand apart from the work – it’s just impossible. Your creation is always about you and about the impulse you send to the Universe. How about Duchamp, you might ask. He spread the idea of indifferent subjects that shouldn’t arouse any emotions or have any preferences. And I would answer – Duchamp is an intellectual guy who played chess and didn’t believe in art and its power. Emotions were an empty sound for him. His point of view has a right to exist, why not? But I don’t share it.

What you feel looking at the piece of art, where it drives you, that’s what really matters. Sometimes I get questions “How should I know whether the painting is good?” My answer is always – FEEL it, open your heart to it and you’ll get the most faithful answer. What would be your answer? What would you advise?

oversize painting of abstract ballerina, acrylic on canvas

Red Firebird / 200x150cm / acrylic on canvas / 2016