Giclee print or Original painting? Choose LOVE

08/12/2016 5,322 views

“What is the difference between your giclee print and an original painting? What should I get?”

This question confused me a bit, as I thought that the answer is absolutely clear. In my recent post about the Giclee prints, I tried to clear up what a giclee art print is. I also slightly mentioned the difference between the original painting and a giclee art print. I won’t get into details now either but will clearly express my thought what to choose.


Giclee print of the original acrylic painting “Light of Paris”

One is absolutely clear – there is no giclee print without an original. And what is actually an original? It’s a unique work of art, a painting, a photograph, a sketch or drawing that was created by the artist. In the art world, the original counts to “unique” if its number doesn’t exceed a magical 5. At least this is the number I most frequently noticed.

My personal limit of art uniqueness is 3. What does it mean? For example, sometimes I’m interested in working on a painting with the same subject but in a larger size in order to reach the new technical effect better. The both paintings count as unique originals. Or I get an inquiry about  a ballerina painting that has been sold before. I would probably agree to work on the painting if I didn’t reach the number of 3 together with the very first original. Honestly, it’s seldom that people would like to get the very same painting and that’s great.

Original painting or a giclee art print? What to choose?

I would say the budget plays the essential role in the choice. So pay attention to it.

As you surely know, the price of the original painting is much higher than the giclee art print. In my case, the giclee print is refreshed with paints and I sign it, but there are nevertheless art admirers who just prefer getting an original even if their budget doesn’t actually allow it.

One wonderful lady contacted me once and asked for the possibility to pay in installment for the painting she immediately fell in love with.

It feels absolutely different to know you are a sole owner of your favorite artwork” – she told me. She rejected the option of getting an affordable giclee print. And I absolutely respect her thought.


Night Glow

detail of the painting

detail of the painting “Night Glow”


detail of the painting “Night Glow”

But what if you are thinking about works of different artists and their prices are pretty different. One offers a giclee print for the same price as the other one charges for the original. What to choose? To my mind, the medium doesn’t matter, your LOVE to the particular art piece that’s what matters.

Either an original painting or a giclee print, art comes directly from the hands of the artist. With your purchase directly from a creative soul, you support the independent family, the future of the artist and encourage his/her creativity. Obviously, it doesn’t matter that much a giclee print or an original – if you really love what you see if you feel comfortable with your art. The art speaks much for your values and beliefs.

For me as an artist, it’s strange to hear ” Your painting matches my sofa perfectly”. Even with that in mind I always advise people who are looking for art to pay attention to an artwork what makes you feel wonderful that makes your heart sing. Art isn’t just a commodity but a visual body that transmits your values and inner thoughts. Art that lands at your home isn’t about its creator anymore but about you.