Prague. Hand in hand into Middle Ages READ MORE

13/10/2016 4,079

Prague needs no introduction. Medieval streets, beautiful architecture that celebrates different epochs and the rich culture life put Prague on the list of the most beautiful and worthy visiting European cities. Fascinated eyes are everywhere. They experience this marvelous city, they really live it.

 Autumn in Trend: Pantone’s colors for beating the autumnal melancholy at home READ MORE

27/09/2016 4,683

Autumn has already started its metamorphosis game with nature. Typically and at the same time like for the first time I extremely enjoy the trees look. They are desperately trying to evoke out attention, they are tempting passers. Yes, they are able and yes, they know it. Autumn is generous, it gave that talent to nature – to tempt. We, humans, in our turn, benefit from it too. Well, those of us who are able to take a short pause and consciously notice the colorful spots.

Fair Wind marine painting of sailing boats and yachts of Makarska harbour READ MORE

26/08/2016 5,209

My studio is in a cellar where there is almost all year round the same weather. Cool and completely eliminated with the artificial light, life in the studio seems to be out of the ordinary time. The time stops there.  And it appreciates only the present moment as if the past and the future are of no importance at all (are they?)

Springtime – pink time contemporary oil painting of a spring landscape READ MORE

31/05/2016 4,514

The fresh and monotone green is everywhere. The tree blossom has gone. The spring has already given the wheel to the most loved season of the year.

How do you welcome summer? still life painting with the bouquet of peony flowers READ MORE

28/05/2016 4,667

These warm days bring the summer closer. And this is probably the best time I enjoy working in the studio as it pretty cool there. I don’t have special rituals for welcoming summer. Actually, there is one thing