Blossom of the moment

03/04/2016 2,118 views

Spring is blooming in my studio. The flowers awake my feelings and love to life.

oil painting of spring flowers in a vase, contemporary still life art

Rose and Red | Рожеве з червоним

They drive my mind and heart into the universe where the harmony and love are ruling. There is no time there, nobody is in a hurry or in tears. Just happiness and love to each other. No, it’s not a kind of escape, or an utopia, it’s the corner where the soul is naked.

Often I read in the artists’ statements of critical articles that the artist establishes the border between himself/herself and his/her artwork. But I don’t believe it’s possible. The artwork is always a reflection of the world the artist is living in. It’s a meditation, the process of continuous streaming. However you can take control over it. But are you ready to cheat yourself?

Being faithful in art is a key. For what? My art is my personal weapon to create a better place around myself where the consciousness chooses to love instead of hate, to be grateful instead of complain… Somebody struggles with the war and despair, revealing its terrible influence and expressing anger and fear, I’m struggling with the war expressing the beauty of life and belief in humanity and its soul.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. (Mother Teresa)

So simple and so deep at the same time.

Painting is the print of the soul. The beauty of the soul if always simple and the simplicity is the hardest state for the soul to reach (c)

large wall art canvas abstract painting of still life

abstract painting of still life with flowers in oil

Evening in Red | Вечір в червоному

картина натюрморт сучасне мистецтво

Thinking about Sunrise | Схід сонця

contemporary painting in lilac and green with abstract smooth brushstrokes

Bright Light | Яскраве світло