Spring, summer, fall, winter… and spring

10/03/2016 3,255 views

Spring, summer, fall, winter… and spring. There are places I like to paint again and again. I know these trees since I was a child. The lovely couple looks charming by any season. It greets me every time I’m approaching them, showing its joy with gracious movements of the branches. I love spending time near these willow trees, that’s why I come back to them with my easel again and again. No snow or rain can stop me from seeing the couple if I’m in my native town. Many things have changed since I left the town, but not these trees. Yes, they are older now, they are partially not as fresh and rich they were before, one of them suffered from the strong lightning, but nevertheless they survived. A couple of trees is like the couple in love. No wonder that it’s considered to be one of those romantic places in Rakhiv that the fresh found hearts admire the most.

impressionist nature painting in autumn in Rakhiv, Burkut

Resting| Відпочиваючи

Do you see the bunch of people sitting under the tree? On that day they were early enough to get the best place in the so called Burkut park. Can you imagine how many different stories these trees heard in their lifetime and there are still many to come. 🙂

abstract painting of nature scene in golden colors, trees in orange leaves

Couple | Пара


Actually it wasn’t a late autumn, but an early winter that still paid tribute to the bright golden colors of autumn. Although it was pretty sunny, the wind was stronger and ruled there and brought the cold air. Well, nevertheless I enjoyed painting. If your talk with  nature is deep enough, you are like in a capsule and don’t really feel the cold of heat.


contemporary art painting on canvas of a beautiful evening landscape scene

Delicate Touch | Витончений дотик


Just a few hours later 🙂 It’s amazing how the light changes the whole mood. Mysterious but calm.

impressionist painting of mountains, winter nature

Winter in Rakhiv| Зима в Рахові

The further sight on the couple of trees with the severe mountains in the background. They are all covered with familiar pathes we, then children, sorely trampled many many years ago.

oil painting of a beautiful winter landscape with two trees in snow

Winter Sunset | Зимовий захід


I still remember that cold day back to 2009. Covered with the snow, the branches of the trees looked so heavy, and at the same time extremely dearly. Frosty light was quite tempting, I couldn’t but paint. The warming hours at home were then endless. But I survived 🙂

oil landscape painting of trees in rakhiv, burkut

Autumn Drops | Осінні краплі

And spring again… Looking forward to visiting my parents again and use the chance for a small chat with the trees, that arouse  many nice emotions and harmonious mind.