Autumn in Trend: Pantone’s colors for beating the autumnal melancholy at home

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Autumn has already started its metamorphosis game with nature. Typically and at the same time like for the first time I extremely enjoy the trees look. They are desperately trying to evoke out attention, they are tempting passers. Yes, they are able and yes, they know it. Autumn is generous, it gave that talent to nature – to tempt. We, humans, in our turn, benefit from it too. Well, those of us who are able to take a short pause and consciously notice the colorful spots.

Pantone Institue that is famous for the color trends prediction in fashion wasn’t sleeping. It has announced 12 main colors for this autumn. The heaven and the earth triumph in their color palette. It symbolically combines the divine and the human origins. The fresh bundle of colors moves from the angelic blue to the warm potter’s clay. And all of them can add a beautiful touch to the living space. So why not use them? If you are eager to some changes or you just want to let the new accents into your space, think about doing it with art. The wall paintings do the magic in changing the mood of the space and adding a clear statement to the entire interior. The canvas artwork will greatly fulfill the task and will add the warm coziness which it so badly needed on grey days, autumn is going to present us with.

Aurora Red


contemporary painting of gladiolus flowers in red and black on canvas
Wings | 
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Elegant red brings the exquisite expression into the space of neutral shades. It’s enormously powerful, that’s why even a small amount of it brings a certain character into space. Grey or white background will get a playful touch in combination with the aurora red. Nothing but a pure charm.

red and violet floral painting on canvas

Wings 2  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Buy on Etsy 

                                                                                    Although Francis Bacon stated that all colors look absolutely the same in the darkness. He probably didn’t get the chance to feel how deeply the aurora red fills the space with its tremendous energy even in the dark. Be it in the abstract landscape or the still life painting – aurora red has the power to turn the painting into the firework of emotions.

red oil painting of autumn landscape in abstract manner

Autumn Touch ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Buy on ETSY



картина маслом букет піонів натюрморт

Peonies in the Sun ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Buy on ETSY

One simple word but what a message! The real romance is going to start when space is lucky enough to get bodacious. An interesting lilac color with the small inclusions of  purple. Although this color is typical for the autumnal dahlias, it tells more about  spring, awakening and turning the routine into the fairy. Tenderness and the lusciousness of the bodacious ideally point the bohemian mood of the space. It adds lightness and weightlessness, especially when it works as an accent. And as an accent, this color can be used either in a bedroom, living room or children’s room. If the basic colors or their derivatives in cold shades start from grey till black, bodacious does wonder – it relieves the moderate and non-personalized atmosphere there.

Often they refer lilac color to the creative minds. No surprise, Van Gogh painted the wall lilac in his bedroom in Arles. It seemed to be important to him, as Van Gogh even mentioned it in the letter he wrote to his brother Theo. This room still exists, but obviously only on canvas. Unfortunately, the time played a bad joke with favorite Van Gogh’s wall color, – the lilac got blue due to the loss of the rose pigment.

Dusty Cedar


large acrylic painting of an abstract ballerina on canvas in contemporary style

Black Swan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Buy on ETSY

The pink with the note of ochre gets complicated. It reveals the calm autumn mood.

It’s safe to add this aristocratic color to the interior and enjoy the calm and reserved atmosphere which has the taste of the sophisticated easiness. Of course, this color isn’t new in art and design, but its interpretation and the entrance into the minimalistic interior opens the new possibilities for the interior to sound differently. Less is more. Coziness is in simplicity, but this simplicity is woven out of complicated and sophisticated combinations. The basic grey color with the light hint of purple and this gorgeous bodacious make up a great team and create the perfect atmosphere in which the meaningful talks or not less meaningful silence is highly appreciated.


Kiss of the Light | Цілунок світла

Kiss of the Light | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Buy on ETSY

Potter’s Clay

Absolutely autumnal color, the shade of the fallen leaves that replaces the beautiful golden tone, is on the trendy list as well. No wonder, is there any other color that belongs to autumn more than this one

If you are fond of forest walks in November on cool but sunny days and you are amazed by the cracking sound that jumps out of your soles, then this deep potter’s clay color is yours. The terracotta symphony of the fallen leaves will be able to amaze you both in winter evenings while drinking a tasty wine and in fresh spring mornings. The richness of the color of pottery’s clay or the antiquarian drawer that since years celebrates its ruler, turns the living space into the luxurious center. The warm terracotta shade evokes the presence of  aristocratic old times, and its magnificence.

  The subtle binding of the past and the contemporary life, in which the color demonstrates the classic and design refer to the future, enables the interesting combination to be realized.

                                                                        Spicy Mustard

autumn flowers art on canvas

Floral Poem| ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Buy a GICLEE PRINT on ETSY


The color that I seldom use for my paintings. I think I should work more with it. The phycologists attribute yellow, – a relative of mustard – as the color of a great emotionally charge. It’s a color of sun, happiness, fun and childhood. And also the color that stands for the Van Goghs genius mind. BUT sometimes there is too much yellow. Because of its brightness, spicy mustard can lead to stress. That why the safest way to add it to the interior and be sure that the color isn’t overused is to choose the decor items –  pillows, carpets or paintings.

What about more gold autumn paintings? 

картина натюрморт, купити натюрморт київ, львів, івано-франківськ

Bouquet of Autumn | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Buy on ETSY

Sometimes people start to renew the interior with presumably last step, namely, choosing a piece of art. However, often the art itself chooses the person and inspires the whole space arrangement. The piece of art isn’t just a commodity, but a source of live vibrations that, if in unison with yours, can inspire and open new worlds within you.