How do you welcome summer?

28/05/2016 5,124 views

These warm days bring the summer closer. And this is probably the best time I enjoy working in the studio as it pretty cool there. I don’t have special rituals for welcoming summer. Actually, there is one thing  that I see as a welcome tribute to approaching summer. Picnicking. We just adore it. The weather forecast for tomorrow demands to spend the day outside, so let it be so.

The seasons of the year play hide-and-seek with us, the further the more. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was snowing which bewildered even my dog. He seems to like the sudden change to warm just as much as I do. I adore the gentle wind that accompanies my bicycle ride every night. It seems as if it was waiting to be enjoyable. And it’s not clear who from two of us enjoys the night ride more. The wind wins our speed race, I let it win, as I prolong the night ride. I feel the wind coming to every cell of my body and fill it up with the endless energy of freedom. A fabulous feeling!

The energy that the wind aroused in me appeared in the paintings. The smooth brushstrokes are moving on the canvas washing the boundaries between each other, thus bringing the interaction of the colors, forms, and the surface to a harmonious freedom.

still life painting with the bouquet of peony flowers картина маслом букет квітів  піонів

The summer has almost started and let it be as beautiful as the scent of the peony flowers that is moving me right now to grab the brushes and paint.