Fair Wind

26/08/2016 5,478 views

My studio is in a cellar where there is almost all year round the same weather. Cool and completely eliminated with the artificial light, life in the studio seems to be out of the ordinary time. The time stops there.  And it appreciates only the present moment as if the past and the future are of no importance at all (are they?)
The cause of time is though noticeable to me. I see it clear while comparing the paintings from different periods or while traveling. The summer, 2016 brought me to the place I have had in thoughts for a particular time.

Croatia is a country of wine and playful breeze. It the home of the elegant coastline and thousands of spectacular islands and islets. If you are a great fan of versatile nature, you should visit this beautiful spot on the earth. Since a few years, I have been thinking about Croatia as a great source for plein air paintings. The color palette is different there. The particular marine light touches the sky, rocks, cliffs, and greenery. And it changes the colors. Even the air seems to be lighter there than anywhere else. I needed a few days to reach the actual swift to Croatian colors. The new color combinations will appear in future paintings. But for now, I’m sharing with you the ones I created there.

How can I neglect the beach life if it’s the first what comes to mind if one is going to the seaside?  All just live their day there. All just lying around and the painting seems to be watching everybody and even me sleeping.


Makarska – the small town in Croatia is special because of the stone wall in the appearance of mountains  that look like a guard of the sea. I was tempted by the setting sun to play with the shades and lights of the Biakovo mountains. I caught the main colors, but with the forms, I’ll have to work further in the studio.


Next stop was Brela, with its awesome alley of sea pines. The sun was moving faster than my brush on that day. It was getting lower and lower and I was trying deliberately to catch up with the immediate changes it spread on nature.



To miss the chance to paint the cliffs? No way! The fascinating powerful energy of the stones that are million year old is inevitably tempting.


And again.. the beach, but another one, my favorite one in Makarska, Croatia.

makarska-best-beach-oil-painting makarska-best-beach-painting-yuri-pysar

best-beach-makarska-oil-paintingmakarska-best-beach-paintingThe last painting I created during my Croatian holidays + plein air stay was the one I like the most. I can stare for hours at the boats and yachts, imaging how  many adventures they went through and how many they would still wait for in the future. One day I’ll be standing at the helm of the sailing boat and hearing the seagulls’ “Fair wind and following seas”.