Autumn, you stay on canvas

01/12/2014 6,118 views

The time is running incredibly quickly and that’s why I always bear in mind Bill Gate’s famous quote

Stop acting as if you had 500 years ahead

картина золотої осені маслом

Golden World| Золотий світ

This autumn I tried to live fast. I managed a lot, but it seems it’s still not enough and I could better. I guess, there will be never enough . What I learnt this autumn season is planning. I started planning the next day in the evening. Of course the spontanious things occur, but nevertheless I take control over my time and manage more than I did before.

As a result

1. I almost cleaned the studio, built the special holdings for the paintings, sorted them according to the year of creation and a category and…

2. I painted a lot and the result of it is a rich collection of autumn paintings that I created during the plein air stay in Transcarpathia in september.

3. I made a few car| bicycle trips to the mountains. Of course in order to paint there 🙂 Want to see my adventures? 

Here are some proofs of busy autumn time

олійний живопис картина пейзаж лісу восени

Mystery| Загадка

сучасний імпресіонізм картина пейзаж

Heaven’s Dance| Небесний танець

яскрава картина природи, пейзаж осені

Apple Garden| Яблуневий сад

пейзаж осені в горах

Pink Horizont| Рожевий горизонт

картина пейзаж лісу написана маслом на пленері

Nostalgy| Ностальгія

осінній пейзаж картина саду яблунь

Apple Garden 2| Яблуневий сад

сучасний пейзаж картина золотої осені

Illusive Day| День ілюзій

сучасний пейзаж картина природи

Hidden Mood| Прихований настрій

autumn landscape painting

Bright Memories |Яскраві спогади

осінь в карпатах картина

Autumn in Transparpathia| Осінь на Закарпатті

Mountainious |Гірська кришталь

Mountainious |Гірська кришталь

картина пейзаж захід сонця в горах

When the paints speak| Коли говорять фарби

I really enjoyed the Golden Taste of Autumn  so much that I’m basically ready to round it out, at least till the next autumn time 🙂

I still have a few November orders to ship, but with the fact that November just waved goodbye yesterday, I don’t overdue yet.

A little bit tired, but happy, because with every successfully lived season I’m approaching my goal further and further. And I’m very thankful to my great admirers, who make it possible for me to continue talking through paintings.