Golden Taste of Autumn

28/10/2014 2,945 views

Autumn is often associated with the melancholy and nostalgia. From year to year we hear or read the best recipes how to deal with the autumn depression. People look for its traits in the season, but not in themselves. And I always wonder why autumn is always guilty for the problems of the whole humanity? Yes, it often rains, it’s getting cold, but all this would turn even to advantage if we just could notice the autumn light.

Pale sunrays on a grey day, isn’t it beautiful? On this spot I’m singing Frank Sinatras “You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off of you”… 🙂

Why I like autumn? For its diverse nature – exploding like in these landscapes or its quiet atmosphere of joy that shimmers with its warm flicker – like on these painted flowers.

bright roses artwork

Rainy Day | Дощовий день

What do these still life paintings have in common? The atmosphere of the warmth, the taste of a golden autumn, when the light doesn’t ruthlessly suppress the color, but gently covers it with the exquisite nuance of the light.

Dance of Colors|Танець кольору

Dance of Colors|Танець кольору

Floral Poem| Квіткова лірика

Floral Poem| Квіткова лірика

Autumn present|Осінній презент

Autumn present| Осінній презент