That’s why I like autumn

15/10/2014 5,792 views

The golden autumn knocked on my door and I opened.

Autumn emotions live on my canvas and I’m so glad that the last plein air stay I had a few weeks ago only reinforced my desire to play with the colorful paints of this amazing season.

My short bike trip yesterday and painting nonstop was a super prize for my last week activity. I spent the whole time in the studio, cleaning, stretching the new canvases, preparing the canvas for the new artwork and packaging the orders. Warm corolful day, which was yesterday gave birth to two new sketches that I’ll show later. Bike- picturesque walk was a success and I’m just happy.
художник юрій писарyuri pysar painting
гриби в карпатах золота осінь пейзаж осінній пейзаж картина, карпати

пейзаж картина осінь осінь в карпатах

осінь пейзаж карпати
пейзаж осінь в карпатах рахів, rakhiv
юрій писар, карпативелосипедом в карпатиIMG_6163[1]