Winter – the fairy tale is going back

04/12/2014 3,400 views

Being raised in a small town that is situated in the center of the Carpathian mountains, I think I’ll be connected with the nature forever. Autumn or spring, summer or winter.. I enjoy every season. Autumn captures my heart by its passionate colors. Those who saw autumn in the mountains will surely understand me. I already posted my TRIBUTE TO AUTUMN and said goodbye to its incredible various palettes of colors, so this post is not about autumn.

Sometimes it’s really strange to see how the change of the date and officially start of the new season can be supported by nature. It’s like the winter knows exactly when it is allowed to come in. On the first of December, it started snowing. And I just felt I have to abandon all the warm autumn feelings at least for the first winter days in order to show winter, that it’s like a unique creature with its unique character and preferences.

After the colorful fields of paints I made a big step into the nuance like world of white.

First winter day during the plein air stay

white snowy scenery in mountains

But as you see, my white phase didn’t last long 🙂

Colors came back!colorful clouds on canvas, morning in nature art

Second winter day

painting of a beautiful winter scenery

Third winter day paintings proved again  – colors are my eternal love

sketch of landscape created during the plein-air

winter painting of a landscape scenery on canvas

winter forest art on canvas

beautiful nature painting depicted landscape in snow

 What should I expect tomorrow? COLORS! Even more of them 🙂