Thoughts on a grey day

10/11/2014 2,474 views

Art doesn’t have a weekend, it’s not limited to the 8 hour working days, it doesn’t allow you to have a completely art free  vacation. And nevertheless I associate art with freedom. “What? Freedom?” –  the outsiders of the art world may say.

back of the dancer ballerina painting

Game of the Light| Гра світла


Black Swan| Чорний лебідь

People are afraid of loneliness. Among my friends there are some, who can’t stand even one day of being alone. Being in a public place and seeing rushing crowds – is already a great relief for them. I rather like being alone. It doesn’t mean that I don’t need people at all, but I feel comfortable in my own company. Creative process and loneliness – don’t live without each other, to my mind. Well, at least to me it’s so. Sometimes, even music interferes with the communication inside me, that I lead with the help of the canvas and paints. Well, that’s when I feel freedom. And this freedom I gain while creating.

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ballet 2014

Nudity of your own self, thoughts, getting free of outer layers caused by the norms of the society and “it has to be so” principles, – that’s what the creative process gives me and I’m always happy to devote myself to it.


photo by Iryna Bohdanova