Who is Yuri Pysar

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In order to know what person stands behind all these paintings we offer you a small Proust Questionnaire with my answers.


Your favorite virtue

To be able to act beyond the limits

Your favorite qualities in a man.


Your favorite qualities in a woman.


Your favorite occupation.


Your idea of happiness

..to love

Your idea of misery.

..to hate

Your favourite color and flower.

..Red (at the moment) and a flower of happiness ( smiling)

If not and artist what would you be.


Your favorite prose authors.SONY DSC

Prokhasko, Andrukhovych,

 Your favorite poets.

E.E. Cummings, Alexander Blok

Your favorite painters and composers.

composers– Dave Brubeck, Rakhmaninov, artists – Marchuk, Rotko, Coreggio

For what fault have you most toleration?

.. envy

Your favourite heroes in literature

.. can’t remember

 Your heroes in real life

.. those who can overcome the obstacles and go further from strength to strength

Your heroines in real life

all women of our time.

Favorite woman heroines in history

Jeanne d’Arc

Favourite drink

.. coffee

What characters in history do you dislike most.

Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Stalin


What is your present state of mind.

..on the way to the light

Favorite quote

The power of senses is mighty, but mind is over it, the eternal Soul is over the mind, and God at the top of it.

What do you value in friends?

.. affinity

Your great fault

.. prodigality

Favorite bird

.. dove

The reform I admire the most

Education for everybody

The natural talent you’d like to be gifted with

.. to feel people and animals easy

How do you wish to die

..with the smile on my face

Your favorite motto.

.. to be better

What you’ll tell God after death

..ask to apologise me for all the undone deeds and for the unused opportunities and I’ll ask Him to send me back.