For the sake of painting

26/04/2014 1,731 views

-I guess you really like women.

-Oh, above all things !A very, very distant second… is a Ferrari.

I agree wtih Colonel Slade from “Scent of a Woman” and can add that both women and cars belong to the category of art in this or that way. You would hear the answer “Yes, art is the most important for him” if you asked my friends what the most important in life is. It’s true, but art, to my mind, isn’t only art in a common way of understanding, but also all the people who I let into my world.

I understood long ago, that I can’t relax if I don’t take my brushes and paint at least a few minutes a day. The Good Friday was the day on which you aren’t allowed to do anything (my mother told me so). In the evening we usually go to church, but what should I do till that time? I brought my father to our cottage house and decided to drive further in the mountains in order to paint.  Passing beautiful forest I was admiring the variety of green that is very characteristic to this time of the year. In a week, all these fabulous tones will disappear and even Monet won’t be able to see hundreds of tones in the ordinary green.

I’m a fresh driver and seeing the warning on the display worried, but didn’t stop me. I was moving higher and higher in a snail tempo. The road wasn’t as good as it was 3 years ago and I had to tense the car extreme in order to get to the desired place, that I…. well… didn’t reach.

Suddenly I saw the crowds of smoke going out of the bonnet. I saw, it was the end of my trip. No, I didn’t regret that I had had that idea, but I promised myself not to appear there again before the road hasn’t been repaired.

I was painting with the huge love to the canvas, giving it vibrations of over-importance, because exactly for the moment of creating this piece I went using the front like road and jeopardize my beloved car.

Art is my everything!

The car is ok now, the sensor that is responsible for cooling was out of order. zGQQvvOPA7c SuQN1f5I5UA