Because it’s a Moveable Feast

04/04/2015 2,536 views

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

paris bridge full of love locks

Paris and its “love” bridge

With these words legendary Ernest Hemingway begins his novel “Moveable Feast” that is . After our Paris trip I feel the same, although we spent there not more than a week. I could definitely stay there forever.

We came back almost two weeks ago, but the memories are still very fresh and sudden atmosphere of Paris comes out from unexpected corners and nourishes my preference to this charming city.

Paris is all about wine and cheese, bicycles and ART, French language and unpretending easiness. This is the place I can call home, because home isn’t limited to the place you live in, but it’s also a place you feel so comfortable that you can stay there. I’m sure that we still have lots of new meetings: my Paris and me, but the first one will remain very special to me due to an amazing friend of mine, Carmem, whose invitation was a reason to come to Paris.

Paris wouldn’t be so complete to me if she weren’t there. Meeting a friend that you know more than two years on the internet and see in real – is amazing. It proved once again, that the souls don’t need an eye contact. They say marriage is made in heaven, but friendship as well 🙂

I was enjoying that week so much, that I couldn’t write posts. Now it is the perfect time to share the charming energy of the city in pictures. Paris doesn’t want to be talked about, it wants to be felt by means of its art, people, music. Feel Parisian while being there!

We were found and picked up. Carmem showed us the room and as real French the first was to clink glasses.

Paris and Siena view from the best location in Paris

The lack of sleep during the previous nights didn’t prevent us from going for a random walk in Paris. We didn’t need the city map, the Seine was our guide. We stopped at the Notre Dame, that got its evening look directly in front of our eyes. Interesting green lights changed into yellow within the couple of minutes and we felt as if we experienced the mystery of the architecture rebirth.

Following the Seine further we bumped into people who were just sitting on the benches by themselves, drinking wine or dreaming away. And I felt that very moment, you can’t feel lonely here, Paris shares its warmest hugs with everybody who needs them.

paris place of interest - notre dame cathedral

Notre Dame de Paris

We reached Musée d’Orsay and Louvre, we saw the lights of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. With all this beauty around us we thought how wonderful our next days would be. The first acquaintance with Paris was very successful. I knew we would make friends next days.

Louvre at night, Paris pyramids


The first day in Paris ended the same as it began, with wine, cheese, laughs in absolutely lovely atmosphere. I don’t have often that feeling, but I wanted to cry “I love you, life. I love you, people!”

paris cafe with fondue and wine

Wine, cheese and lovely company