Affinity between Souls. Ukraine+Brazil

16/07/2014 2,877 views

Art can attract people from the furthest corners. The fact that the art resonates with others tell us about the similarities of the artists’ world and the admirers’s ones. Many years ago it was only possible for art to communicate only through galleries. Some people were invited, somebody was interested in art, and somebody just didn’t have anything to do – they all made up the gallery’s audience that was anyway limited.


With the appearance of the Internet the art became accessible. And now one can enjoy the artwork without going out, all one needs is to look at the self phone.

This post is not going to be about the Internet and its importance for artists, but about  Carmem – proffesor, neurologist from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Potro Alegre, Brasil

Carmem saw my paintings on the internet and fell in love with them from the first sight. Then she confessed that she felt my soul in the brushstrokes and dreamt of touching the surface of the paintings. In a couple of weeks the first brainllerina (Carmem used to call ballerinas so due to the resemblence of the brushstrokes to the brain cells) was on its way to Brazil.

Today is the very special day – Carmem has birthday! And I’m so glad that she appeared in my life. She’s like a sun, the person of joy and love. You won’t find any pic of her in which she doesn’t wear her amazing smile. We’ve been friends for 1.5 year, we never see in real life, but we hope that it’ll work this year. There isn’t a single week in which Carmem hasn’t told me how much she loves her brainllerinas and how inspiring they are for her. There isn’t a bigger admirer of my art than Carmem. And it’s so nice to realize that my art draws exactly so wonderful people into my life.

Thank you, Carmem, for your openness to the world, kind heart and sensitivity. The distance doesn’t matter if there is affinity between souls. And that’s exactly what we have! Thank you 🙂

Read Carmem’s POEM dedicated to Brainllerina to see how beautiful this lady is!

10450423_675778589168369_2743539362776192004_n10301186_646828572063371_2806345366742508841_n10008402_612575668821995_1282658427_n                                                                                                                   Palette for Carmem 🙂