Whisper of the Late Autumn

29/11/2015 3,315 views

Is there any other month that is so disliked and even hated as November? Cold grey days, bad mood, lack of sunshine and much more are the stable complaints.

картина пізня осінь, дощ в горах

Distant Light | Далеке світло

But doesn’t it depend on us what we see? Even the greyest day can look pretty if we are full of the sunshine inside. Our inner Universe’s weather doesn’t depend on the actual weather outside.

Nature in November may seem not so generous, but there is something absolutely charming about those bare trees standing still and gracious. With the slight whisper of the wind, the November trees start performing the tender dance. How elegant they look like. Not to mention the colors that are so rich in complementarian shades. That’s true, we don’t see those sparkling yellow, orange, purple that actually turn the autumn into the kaleidoscope of hues. But who said grey is boring?
“What? You go plein air painting? On such a dull day?” – are the common questions I get. How can I explain that the pure harmony and love to colors that live inside me let me see the beauty in the every scene that my eyes meet and exactly the beauty I see I want to share with the world.

Being faithful in painting means to work a lot. BUT.. Being faithful in the painting is not only the ability to work long hours, it’s also staying true to the self, no matter what the others think. Following my convictions, I paint the scenery that speakі to me and arouses dialogues. And I’m very thankful that there are people out there, who also hear the scenery speaking through my art.

картина пейзаж річка Тиса, живопис маслом

Tysa River |Річка Тиса

пейзаж картина гірська річка в дощовий день

Rainy Day|Дощовий день

oil painting on canvas of river, nature artwork

Playful Light|Грайливе світло

картина маслом пейзаж гір Карпати влітку

Vanilla Sky|Ванільне небо