Life out of the Studio

09/01/2014 1,827 views

Holidays time is going away and the Ukrainian Christmas carols that were still very sung yesterday are hardly to be heard. The time of becoming active in the studio has come.

The last several days, starting with the celebration of the New Year’s Eve were very useful. At last I had the rest I needed, I slept enough and my thuoghts had the vocation too. I rejected all the offers of celebrating New Year’s Eve somewhere outside Ukraine, and even in my city I didn’t have a strong desire to go out. That’s why we stayed at home, and this turned out to be the right decision.

We were alone and we really enjoyed our own company.


The next day we devoted to people we like, our friends. The night lasted till the very morning, we talked and sang. The neihbours didn’t complain, it seems we were too silent 🙂


Yet, the most important holiday was still waiting. Christmas, that we usually celebrate on the 6th of January I spent at home. There were many children who came by to sing the Christmas carols and it’s what I really like. Children get usually some money for that, and nowadays the popular thought is that it’s a kind of “business” for children, anyway it’s always very pleasant for me to hear children singing carols and it’s of no importance how good or bad they are, the main is that they still have a desire to come by. As long as the carols are heard the Christmas is alive.

We sang a lot too, we remembered the oldest Christmas carol of my family and it felt like my gradparents that are gone, were sitting at the table with us. I saw my childhood Chrtimas in front of me.

Chritmas is the birth of the LOVE in our hears, it’s proclamaition of the Kindness and Light. I believe, the bright star that appeared on the edge of the sky on Christmas Eve is a symbol of happiness and hope for the whole Ukrainian folk.


Mental rest brings lots of energy. And I’m very inspired to continue going my way and approaching my main goal 🙂