Hunger for Color

23/02/2016 2,220 views

Painting is my passion. The synergy of hundreds of colors sparkles with uniqueness and originality. healthy-spinach-cake
 And it doesn’t matter that the search for the particular tone can last long. That’s like a usual experiment for the scientist who is satisfied with the result, and would share his joy but he also understands that nobody cares and won’t see something special in it. Painting is in everything, where the creative energy is involved, be it music or cooking or something else. Today I’m talking about the painting in tastes. I like absolutely strange and uncommon combinations of sweet and bitter, salted and sour. Lots of such at first sight strange combinations become classic ones – for example the baked camembert and the cranberries source. The cheese with the thin covering of sweet peanut butter gets absolutely new taste that becomes my classics. I think that the sweet spinach cake I’ve just tried will add onto my particular “classic list of tastes” too. It’s like eating the color and you’ve probably already noticed my deep relationship with the color. This green color amazes the eye first. It tastes absolutely differently. I would compare it with the fragrance of the fresh spring meadows – a bit tart flavor. Maybe due to the color or my expectation of spring, or even my love to mascarpone, but this fantastic cake absolutely fulfilled its task.  The spleen has gone! My mood got better and the whole day became so juicy. I assure you, eating colors is fun and it heals. And now time to come back to work. What color will dominate in my upcoming painting? Green? No, let it be today’s cake color and I’ll create something different. 🙂