Walk with Lights

25/04/2015 4,487 views

If we could physically move only within a thought, I would sit in a beautiful Parisian cafe now holding the glass of wine and observing people passing by… A moveable feast..

Cafe in Paris in evening lights

It’s getting dark

Paris in evening lights

Pretty Walk

And then I would go for a walk along the Seine.

Small talks, light strangers’ smiles, the atmosphere of easiness and happiness.  Well, the memories can bring us to the beloved places whenever we want, and the pictures help to feel the lived moment again. Moreover they let us dream and imagine, visualize and search for the possibilities.

with the Eifel Tower in the bachground

Beautiful Paris

The bridges in the evening are utterly beautiful. Not only their architectural traits fascinate but also their illumination that brings delightful colors to the water and put the whole city into the atmosphere of a holiday.

bridges across Seine and their lights on water

Siene in Lights

night lights in Paris, Pont d'Arcole

Pont d’Arcole in lights

Parisian bridge Pont da'Arcole

Pont da’Arcole

This bridge is one of my favourite ones. The history of the first bridge that was built here goes back to the 9th century. This one is so-t0-say a new one. It appeared here in the 19th century.

parisian bridges by night are even more interesting

Pont au Change

pont au change in paris

Pont Au Change

In Paris you are always surrounded by art. It doesn’t matter where you go, art will find you 🙂

Every street in Paris gets its architecture stars.

Every street in Paris gets its architecture stars.

beautiful architecture in Paris

thr nearer view

This French treasure doesn’t need any introduction. All what I can add is – Eifel tower in lights impressed me more than at the daytime. The illlumination is programmed in such a way, that every exact hour the lights are running from top to down in chaotic order and completely capture the attention. It lasts about 5 minutes and is very worthy to see. Incredible how interesting efffects the lights can produce.

eiffel tower base in Paris by night lights

Eiffel Tower Base

eifer tower looks in evening lights

Eiffel Tower in Lights

Paris main sculpture Eifel tower in golden lights

Golden Eiffel Tower

Eifel tower at midnight

Do you know another tower that is as popular tower as this one?

Paris, wait for me. I’ll definitely come back.