My Crimea. Hurzuf

15/03/2014 2,392 views

Yesterday I started the story about Crimea, the real piece of paradise on earth.  Cape Martyan was at the very beginning and then we moved to Hurzuf, a small town that is so loved by artists.


Hurzuf meadow in which the town is cituated is known for its Mountain Au-Dag, that means “bear”. It really looks alike a bear who is sleeping. There are many legends about it and they come not only from the past, but even now there are children who just make up their stories. Yes, Au-Dag is very popular 🙂

Cape Martyan leads to Hurzuf and we decided to go there along the coastline. We are always ready for adventures and it seemed to be one of them. . and it really was. When my slippers died (yes, they died with the hard wave attack) I had to walk barefoot. It wasn’t very convenient and even painful that’s why I regret this “adventure” very quickly.

We moved every 3 seconds. That was like a game, a competition between waves and us. One, two, three and we stood motionless waiting for the wave attack 🙂 then we made two steps and waited again. Frankly speaking I felt a bit creepy, I remembered the images from the film “Ten Little Indians” that was filmed in Crimea as well.

You can’t imagine how happy I was when I felt asphalt under my feet and the rock masage finally ended. My feet remembered that walk for long, yet it was interesting experience to feel the powerful energy of waves and rocks.


On that day, we didn’t take a walk in a town and didn’t paint. But next day we came back there like normal people by bus and with the couples of stretched canvas.