Working like a Swiss Clock?

16/12/2013 2,214 views

There was always place for spontaneity in my life and this is something that I really like. But when the number of tasks rises, it’s not easy to find time to drop in at the favorite coffee house and enjoy the aromatic coffee in your own company. Honestly I like sitting in public places alone and observing people, the way they behave, talk, eat…  But I wanted to say about quite a different thing.

I was always for holding everything in head. I was against an organizer and all the planning staff that on the one hand makes the life easier and let you “remember” things and on the other hand brings you in a kind of dependence dictating how your day has to be spent. For me it’s like walking on the street and watching straight without paying any attention what is happening on the left or right.

I’m not going to say that I’ve completely changed my mind now and state that it’s good to write down the next day activities and duties, but… I must confess it’s a good thing to plan a day. I’m still on the level of holding everything in my head, but now I have a clear view of the day and all the tasks. I almost don’t run from place A to place B (as it was 2 weeks ago), I became more balanced.

I notice a good influence of planning, and will go on with it, but my day still has to preserve some gaps for spontaneity!