To be or not to be. My Way

14/12/2013 2,230 views

To be or not to be… There are so many questions to answer and so many decisions to take.. Choices are everywhere, every day we have to choose something. Is it right or wrong, is it what we want? ..


There are so many business coaches that tell us it´s important to do what we love. Yes, that´s great, but how can we know what we really want, where our path is going to? We have to listen to ourselves, to try to hear the inner voice that lives within us and helps us to find the road.

My voice always told me I should become an artist. I know people who think if the person is lazy he or she will be definitely an artist. But God knows how mistaken they are! Being an artist is not so easy as one can think. You can´t become a real artist painting only 3 hours a day, you can´t have it as a part time job. The job of artist needs your attention and mind 24 hours a day. You should paint a lot, in order to become better. And you MUST become better if your goals are high and you want to get from life more than paying the bills and waiting for the lottery luck. Being an artist is such a big CHALLENGE! I always support people who consider themselves artists or who want to become it, to live for it, to devote themselves to art, to implement ideas every time like the last time, to feel the unity and strong connection with the canvas.. but there are still some who say “I don´t have a choice, I have to find a real job, because I can’t survive this way, I don´t sell anything!” .. And I know they don´t want to hear they will cope, they wait for “Oh, I´m so sorry you don´t have luck with that!” …

Well, I´m lucky enough to have people around who support me, I´m lucky to have great art admirers who tell me with their every purchase, that I´m at the right place under the sun, I´m so thankful that there is always place for hope in my heart. I believe in myself and YOU, your every comment, and like give me enormously lots of strength to create and continue my way.

Staying on your way and be faithful with yourself that´s what matters!

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work in progress

work in progress