Time for Awakening

23/02/2015 2,495 views

Spring. Everything begins to revive and even if I see, it’s February, I feel the approaching power of  spring. Birds create their songs, they probably failed to see it’s February and it’s not their time yet. Or maybe they are fed up with the cold like me and invite the spring with their professional music?

Awakening of the nature matches the humans awakening. The gloomy trees of today will become absolutely smiling tomorrow, the people will become warmer, their faces will fill up with the light and spring rebirth of their emotions. Euphoria, as a spring’s best friend, will be in every corner. Inspiration for adventures will break through and settle the desire of living our days interesting and excitedly. There are no traits of all these right now, but it’s coming soon. Warm sunny rays and birds’ serenades are like the echo of the tenderness that is rushing our way.

Spring for my painting means the rebirth of the bright colors. It’s the fussy wind that falls onto canvas in thin chaotic brushstrokes. Spring landscapes sound differently, the bass is having rest while the soprano leads.

spring sakura trees oil painting while blossoming in pink

Pink Shadows| Рожеві тіні

oil painting in red and white of beautiful lilacs

lilacs| Бузок

painting of trees in blossoming

Blossom of a Cherry Tree| Цвітіння вишні

bright modern art painting of spring

Light of Happiness| Світло щастя

oil painting of a beautiful landscape scene in mountains

Before the Storm| Перед грозою