Talent for a quitter?

22/11/2015 1,838 views

I don’t believe in talent. I believe in hard work and devotion.

yuri pysar large ballerina painting in progress

Sunday in the studio

Every day determines the achievement of the goal. No matter how far away or close the goal is, it’s impossible to approach it without a work. We all hear sooner or later “Oh, you are so talented”, but what is a talent? Persistence? Consistency? Or a bundle of necessary traits that together build up a character?

We all are presented by God with a particular virtue. But the given virtue won’t bring anything if we don’t develop it. And it’s our choice to live it or leave it.

I’m in the studio, it’s really a temple of my paintings. And even more paintings are to come. The real talent is born while working, just the same is with the inspiration. There is no point to wait for it, grab the brushes and start the journey on canvas. So, I’m working today like on any other day 🙂

I completely agree with Steven King

Talent is the wonderful thing, but it won’t carry a quitter.

contemporary painting of a ballerina dancer

Dance of the Wind 2