Summer-like September

24/09/2015 2,887 views

The first month of autumn that still coddles us with sunny and summer-like weather is going to its end. plein-air-painitngThough nights are cold, the summer that comes back in the morning doesn’t let autumn rule the day. Indeed, not only weather but also nature doesn’t hint at its autumn mood. Parks are still in their green and summer desperately gives its best to stay there a moment longer.

Usually, it’s possible to catch the mood of the rainy season in September, but not this time. I knew that it wouldn’t be possible to get the autumn touch onto the canvas, but how can one stay at home when the sun probably throws the last smile onto earth? We had both a nice rest and great creating time. Lying on the grass and getting great pleasure from the front view, we heard live music that arose from the nearby countryside restaurant. Somebody had the wedding party there. Could the local band know that they gave us maybe even more delight than those, they were trying to amuse? Mountains, Astor Piazzolla’s tango, smell of paints – these are the components that at first sight have nothing to do with each other, but if combined create a deep harmony of both human and non-human beauty that silently but continuously repeat “Life is wonderful”

I’m still not able to say goodbye to those warm days and welcome real  autumn.. so do my paintings.

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