Summer Plein Air in Carpathians

07/11/2013 1,089 views

Summer is perfect time for plein airs, that´s why artists spend much time of summer outside, creating beautiful landscape paintings. For no particular reason this summer is very unexpected for me, all the projects that I had and that are still coming (hopefully) aren´t really planned. They are something that the particular moment brings. The right place with the right people? Maybe…

It´s getting dark in mountains earlier and we were always suprised by a sudden and devine beauty that went down to earth. The setting sun didn´t evoke the feelings of an “END” that often has a negative coloring. In opposite, it rose the everlasting hope of LIGHT with its every position change. The sky wasn´t exploding, it was purely lead by sun as if it were ready to give up in front of the beauty… These incredible sunsets will stay long with me.

The other thing was absolutely new to me was the view where the mountains slightly disappear turning into hills and then plains.


I can´t but mention how great company is I was in. Funny evening, great talk, lots of works!! Every next plein air in this wonderful company proves that we don´t interfere, but complement each other in this or that way.

Thanks to UkrNafta for organizing this plein air 🙂 And of course I appreciate it very much, that my friend artist Mykhailo Dejneha invited me to participate there.


from the left

1. Vlad Symchych

2.Mykhailo Tymchuk

3.Mykhailo Dejneha

4. Yuri Pysar (me)

5. Mykola Kocherzhuk

6. Andriy Rozhkanyuk