Stop for Moving

06/07/2015 1,740 views

..stopping for moving further…

vienna old city walk

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We came back from the beautiful trip to Hungary weeks ago, but the mood of reflection was waiting to come.  The first days I madly missed the atmosphere of a tasty coffee and light evenings. My mind had a rest as well and didn’t want to turn on as quickly as I demanded. I witnessed a strange situation, I missed home. I’m home so how can I miss it?

 Architecture that invited into the arms of the noble times, streets that let you walk and walk and only after a couple of hours of measuring them by foot, you feel “wow, my feet. I feel them so desperately”. Times passes too quickly to get used to the changes.. They stay only on the top of the heart and pleasantly color the life around.   The feather that is being blown by the wind and reached its highest point is going to come back. It stays a moment unmovable, just a small moment, it grabs the greedy slight breath and suddenly as if with the speed of the light the feather appears at its ordinary place again.

feet need some love

it reminds me that shoes are the important part of travels ))