Soul of Flowers

12/05/2015 3,167 views

The most increadible gift of spring is beauty of awakening that catches everybody.

And it’s not to compare with SUMMER FLOWERS.

The fresh and innocent green leaves appear first and cover the places with their new born energy. But when the plant is ready enough to share its whole inner beauty it begins to bloom. Scattering the blossom in gardens and turning them into imaginative fairy tale kingdoms, her majesty NATURE shares with the whole world the excited beauty. I don’t know how the others experience this time of the spring, but for me, the time of the lilacs and sakura bloom is the most inspiring and the most tremendous.

My studio fragrance of oil paints changed into the light sweet scent of flowers. The restrained ballerinas turned into colorful flowers and tenderly whisper their secret stories. The canvas is the place where I speak with them. At the end they completely obey the brushstrokes and I’m suddenly able to catch the flavor of their soul.

lilacs painting in oil on canvas

work in progress