New home for My Art

25/10/2015 2,157 views

Is there anywhere a place like home? Yes, the studio. I spend most of my time there, it’s actually my home. 


From Sunday to Sunday I have the same route, there are no weekends that are studio free 🙂 unless I’m travelling, that doesn’t happy very often.

Studio is the place where most of my artworks are being born that’s why the main thing is to feel comfortable there.  Over two years I’ve shared the studio with the scultors team and it was pretty difficult. I’m not a team player. I understood it when I accepted the project of restoring the church wall drawings in 2008.

Moreover painting doesn’t need only your hands, it’s an intellectual process that takes you completely. Painting isn’t an automatic process like many people think. The shallow talks disturb the whole aura and it doesn’t matter whether I’m involved in them actively or passively. In a nutshell I’m happy to have my own studio now.

I have lots of space to step back and see the painting as one single spot, which is very important. I also get the cosy space for intersting talks and tasty meals 🙂 So you are very welcome to drop in at my place.

oil-paintings-yuri-pysarPromise not to bother you with a too long presentation of my works.

Since they neatly rest on those self-made paintings boxes as I call them, I can easily find any artwork I need. Sometimes I just like to look at old ones and recognize, how much my visual language changed and how clear my speech became.

Good studio should have great lights. Altough it’s a basement space, and there is almost no natural light coming into my studio, I’m satisfied with those strong lamps that do their job excellent 🙂


 Every day when I enter the studio I feel there is nobody between paints and me. And this is a powerful feeling, believe me.